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3:00 AM Posted by Roo

True Confessions

Instead of listing all of my transgressions since my last confessions post let's just go with the last week, shall we?

I have eaten cake every day since Thursday. Every. day.

I have consumed very little water.

I feel sad (although I can't pinpoint one specific reason).

I let people hurt me more than I should. I know I need to let go but sometimes that's easier said than done. Especially when said people end up hurting my children and are too self-absorbed to even see it.

And now for the good things I've done. What? You didn't think I was going to be all down and out, did ya?

The playroom has been painted an amazing blue (Ocean Sigh by Valspar pictured on the walls on this page). And the chalkboard wall is awesome. (Pictures to follow once the room is completely done with wall decals, etc.)

My oldest (the co-sleeper who then slept in a separate bed in our room) is sleeping in his own room all night every night.

My daughter is finally starting to get the potty training thing even though we still have a long way to go.

I got a lot of laundry done on Monday. As in 4 loads, yo.

I have been successfully avoiding that thing I love to do when I'm down (retail therapy). I've been sticking to what we need not necessarily what we want. Except for the playroom table and chairs I got for the kids from Target. And the hand-painted light switch cover, too. But I covered that with my money from my work-at-home part-time gig so I don't feel guilty.

I researched and now have the information to join my local YMCA. I'm waiting until after my doctor's appointment next week before getting a visitor's pass and checking it out; but at least now I have my homework done and I'm ready to go when I get the green light.

And totally off topic for this post: Speaking of the back, I'm still having problems (not as bad as before the first shot but there's still a lot of pain). It'll be interesting to see if the doc wants me to work through it or give me another injection. But hey at least I can actually do normal stuff now (swing my daughter around, dishes, laundry, grocery shopping)! That, in and of itself, makes me very happy.


  1. Brooke said...

    you know you're old when being able to get things done around the house make you happy - it was my standard too!!

    funny, i've felt like we've been on practically the same page through being benched. now that i'm cleared, i'm still a little down too. not sure why. if you figure you out maybe you can figure me out next!

  2. *Lissa* said...

    Throw that damn cake away, girl!

    Hopefully, they will give you another shot... sometimes it takes more than one right away! I still have pain, but it's totally manageable and doesn't make me miserable like before!

    Have a great week, skank!

  3. Bari said...

    That cake has to be riddled with food poisoning by now-just toss it.

    I hope your doctor has some good answers for you. If you need another shot, at least you know it will work since you had such a great response from the first one.

  4. mom(in-law) said...

    LOVE THE BLUE for the playroom!! I can't wait to see it in person. Sounds like you are really coming along with your back - PLEASE don't overdo. Love ya!

  5. Kim said...

    way to be happy about the little things!! :) very positive!

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