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I originally posted this on my family blog. But since Mel wanted to link it up in her weekend post I thought I'd repost it here on my public blog. Thanks, Mel! Share away!

Our children need US. They need our TIME. They need our ATTENTION. In the end it doesn't matter how many toys they have/had or how much money we spent on them. What matters is our RELATIONSHIP with them. I see it in my own children and I wish other people would see it with the children in their lives. When they're little (like now - mine are 6 and 2), yes they like stuff (heck, I'm 34 and I STILL like stuff). But what makes them smile, what makes their eyes light up, what makes them HAPPY is when I sit on the floor and PLAY with them. When I READ to them. When I push them on a swing or splash in the water with them. When I give them ME. When they're older I hope they remember that. I know that I remember that my parents gave me them. And it's still with me even though the stuff from my childhood isn't (well except the stuff my mom boxed up and has recycled with her grandkids). If you have children in your life step in and be involved before it's too late, they grow up and aren't interested in spending time with you because you weren't interested in investing in them when they were little.


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