guess what I did today?

10:15 AM Posted by Roo

Guess what I did today, well, besides realize it's been forever since I've posted here? I visited with a nutritionist. I. Know. Big step for Roo. But to be honest I'm tired of ignoring the obvious - that my health and the health of my family pretty much sucks right now.

Short version: My mother was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. My mom and I both suffer from hypertension. My dad has heart problems. My triglycerides are too high. And someone I know who is the same age as me (35) just had a major heart attack. Talk about a bit of a wake up call, huh?

So I made an appointment and off I went. I'm glad I went. I really like her. She's very easy to talk to and she's not throwing me so much information at once that I feel like it's too much to handle or that I'll throw my hands up and say "ayo gotta let go"...oops, sorry I started singing.

At this point she said that I'm not eating regularly enough and my body is confused. I can't say that surprises me. She also said I'm not eating enough during the day and overloading at night (again, no surprise) but that we can fix this.

Step 1: Keep a food journal.

Step 2: Eat 3 balanced meals a day (protein/grain/vegetable), note the time of the meal and the what, why and how much.

Step 3: Balance my caffeine ounce for ounce (my body is dehydrated so if I drink 32 oz of Diet Coke I need 32 oz of water) and drink more water if I can manage it since I've been slacking on the water.

Once I get me figured out then and only then can I pass on the good habits to my family. So that's where I am right now.