may your way: 5/4 check-in

5:39 PM Posted by Roo

May Your Way Challenge

Seriously? It's already time to check-in? Okay, here goes...up 1/2 a pound since Monday.

Update on goals:
  • Water - minimum 64 ounces. None today *runs for cover while hanging head in shame*. No excuse really - I just didn't. I PROMISE I will redeem myself on this goal from this point forward.
  • Eat better & track my food. I've been more cautious about what I'm eating and I'm writing everything down (including the 2 mini peanut butter cups I ate this afternoon). It is very eye opening and it's no wonder I've not really been making progress. I am too embarrassed to share my log so far but suffice it to say it ain't pretty.
  • Work on strengthening my back. Pilates after I hit publish on this post and link up!
Not perfect but making slow progress. That's a step in the right direction and I'll take it.

my way

5:34 PM Posted by Roo

May Your Way Challenge

As a work-at-home mom I rarely, if ever, do things "my way". I mean I kinda do but my life revolves around my kids and their needs. It's no secret that I don't take time for myself and I know that this needs to stop - especially if I want to be around to be here for my kids in the years to come.

Enter the new Shrinking Jeans challenge for May - My Way, My Needs, My Goals. Here are my initial goals:
  • Water - minimum 64 ounces
  • Eat better & track my food. I realize this is very general but I'm still trying to make a decision on how to proceed with this one. I kicked the sugar habit once before and felt amazing. I'm going to do a little research over the next few days but am leaning towards eliminating as much sugar as possible. I know I'm a sugar addict. So I'm going to do my best to stop the processed crap and incorporate more good-for-me stuff. I will also track what I eat so that I can see what I'm eating, etc. No calorie tracking yet. Writing it down is enough of a first step for me.
  • Work on strengthening my back. It's still giving me a lot of pain and the last shot that was supposed to work (the preliminary one did) did not work and I'm in a lot of pain still. I am going to start with Pilates 3 times/week and when it's nice out I'm taking the stroller and my little one and I are going for a walk because something, anything is better than nothing.
So there you have it. My goals, my needs. It's all about me this month.