2:22 PM Posted by Roo

Surprisingly I don't have a long list of resolutions or things I plan to do in 2012. There is one thing and one thing only that I am going to work on and that is ME. I always put everyone else's needs above mine and while there are days that I may still need to do this (sick kids, as an example), I will continue to do my best to take care of ME.

If you know me well (and some of you do) you know that I am a giver- 110%. Those that I am closest to and love get me and then some. I will bend over backwards to take care of them. But I don't do the same for myself. I've known this for quite some time but I've continued to ignore it. I'm tired of ignoring it.

The one word I have chosen for 2012 is REVIVE.

re·vive verb \ri-ˈvīv\
: to return to consciousness or life : become active or flourishing again

I need to flourish again. I need to bring me as an individual back to life. I actually started doing this over the last few months slowly but surely and am starting to feel better.

I will not be a slave to the scale.

I will stop emotional eating.

I will hydrate daily.

I will take time for me each day - some days it may only be 5 minutes. Ideally, I'd like it to be 30. I'll take what I can at this point.

I will say no to extra obligations and commitments without the guilt.

I will not allow work to take precedence over my needs or the needs of my kids.

I will love myself 100% and will not talk negatively about me to me.

I will smile. Every day.

And this is how I will REVIVE and bring Roo back to life as an individual and not as a mom, wife, sister, daughter or friend. Just me.