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8:17 PM Posted by Roo

I run with the Sisterhood
So there's a new challenge over at the Sisterhood - Shrink into Summer. I plan to participate - I'm just a wee bit behind. So this Wednesday I will weigh-in and go from there. I don't expect it to be pretty because my body is not cooperating post-injury and not only am I not allowed to exercise (other than what I do in physical therapy which, let's face it, doesn't count) but I'm also supposed to rest for 2 weeks. Resting is supposed to consist of no cleaning, no cooking, no laundry, no exercise and no standing for any length of time. So basically, with children aged 6 and 2, the doctor and physical therapist want me to do nothing. Ha! I know! Sooo, if I plan on doing any shrinking I best be watching what I put in my mouth, huh?


  1. Brooke said...

    i think most of us would be naked and hungry if we had to follow orders like that!

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