oh my achin' back

6:22 AM Posted by Roo

Well, not really. I mean I'm still hurting but it's more of an uncomfortable annoying feeling than actual pain. I have discovered that while running isn't an option at the moment I CAN walk and when I do I feel MUCH better. The chiropractor said I am healing and on the upswing but I still need to take it easy. He wants me to ease back into my training for the 1/2 in June but doesn't foresee me being unable to do it - even with this setback. This is such good news!!! I'm working with my Virtual Team in Training Coach to get me back on track. Yippee!

And may I just add that I FINALLY had the opportunity to walk outside this year? And oh. my. goodness. I don't ever want to walk on the treadmill again. For real.


  1. Misty said...

    Great news! And yes outside walking is SO much better then the treadmill. :0)

  2. Karena said...

    Glad it's good news! Keep taking it easy -- trust me, I know it's HARD when you have a race deadline you need to meet! And yay for the outside walk!

  3. imadramamama said...

    I seriously could not agree more about the weather! Oh my goodness, it's BEAUTIFUL!

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