shrinkvivor challenge week 3

9:01 AM Posted by Roo


We're back for Week 3 of the Shrinkvivor Challenge over at Shrinking Jeans! I'm hanging out over at Exile Island after last week's gain.

Official stats:
Joining WW weight on 9/21/11: 210.4
Challenge Starting Weight: 206.2
Change This Week: -3.9
Change for Shrinkvivor Challenge: -2.6
Total Pounds Gone since 9/21/11: -6.8

Activity towards this week's mini-challenge for exercise has been lacking this week. The herniated discs in my back are really aggravating me. My new doctor is waiting on a copy of my MRI from last summer to decide how she wants to proceed with fixing my back. Apparently there's a new laparoscopic procedure that has a quick recovery time that she is hoping I'm a candidate for in lieu of more steroid injections or the dreaded invasive back surgery with weeks, if not months, of recovery. Until then I'm only to walk and only if I'm not in pain. I do still plan to do my 5K and walk the 'hood on the 22nd. For the time being I'm resting.


  1. upinthecosmos said...

    Nice loss, you'll show those that ousted ya:-) I was exiled also after week 1, my whole tribe was (Peach), but I'm not giving up & it appears you aren't either!!

  2. *Lissa* said...

    Great loss, girl!!

    What the fuck is up with these stupid herniated discs??? I just got a shot a few weeks ago, the one before that lasted from December! Dumb.

    Let me know what you find out on the surgery!

  3. Bari said...

    Awesome loss! Bummer on the back pain - that sucks. Hopefully that new procedure will be available for you and take care of the problem.

  4. brooke said...

    you're down almost 4 pounds since friday??? WW must agree with you!!

  5. Adah said...

    way to go on that loss! I obviously need more pep talks from you cause you are doing something right!

  6. Tiffany said...

    Yea on the weight loss this week! You are doing great and going to kick butt on exile island!!

    Hope you get some relief from your back soon.

  7. Kyra said...

    Hopefully I'll trend with a loss like yours after my gain of this week. Hope your back gets treated quickly.

  8. Misty said...

    Awesome loss, you are on a roll! I need to get back to following WW myself. Hope this Dr can fix you :)

  9. AnnG said...

    You are awesome! With pain like that you are still losing weight! WTG!!

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