shrinkvivor challenge week 2

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And we're back! Week 2 of the Shrinkvivor Challenge over at Shrinking Jeans! I will lay it all out here - I had a bad week. From Friday-Tuesday I didn't watch what I ate and the scale showed it on Wednesday with a gain of 1.3 pounds this week! Very disappointing for me but how can I be upset when I know what the reasoning behind it was? Because of my gain I was lowest % for my team so I have been moved over to Exile Island. And you know what? I'm okay with that. My team - Team Pink - AKA the Pinkbury Dough Girls - is an amazing group of ladies who didn't make me feel less than for my not-so-good week. And in past challenges or life in general when I screw up I give up. Not this time. As Ann (LOVE ANN!) texted me this evening - "...this isn't for prizes it's for health!" And you know what? Isn't the biggest prize of all being healthier for me and my family? For me? Absolutely. So yes I gained. Yes I'm okay with it. And yes I'm back on track this week. And it's a great place to be mentally.

This week's physical challenge is exercise minutes again - time devoted to exercise specifically. So I will be working on that and continuing to keep track of my foods and staying within my daily Points Plus target for Weight Watchers. I did well in the exercise department last week going from zero to 195 minutes which is substantially less than some but an improvement for me.

This next week will be better and I will keep plugging away. I'll check in with you again on Wednesday.

And this? When I'm feeling down I remember this. I will not let the number on the scale define me any more. It's not worth it. I am worth more.

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  1. *Lissa* said...

    Great post, girl! Now kick ass on Exile! I'm sure I will see you there soon. ;p xoxo!

  2. Bari said...

    Great post - and I love that scale picture! Make Exile Island your beeotch!

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