not perfect but worth it

6:39 PM Posted by Roo

So there's this song I heard the other day by Sugarland (I love me some Jennifer Nettles...). ANYWAY, it's called Every Girl Like Me. And while the lyrics to the song are about being the right fit for a partner, etc., the words that just kept sticking out to me were these two lines:

Because I am not perfect
But I know I'm worth it

And nothing else in the song matters to me but those words. Who's perfect? None of us. But we are so worth the effort - whether it's in being healthier by eating right and exercising, taking time for ourselves or splurging on a Starbucks coffee once in a while.

are totally worth it.

I am totally worth it.

Let's remember this, m'kay?


  1. AnnG said...

    yes, you are worth it! just keep reminding yourself of that, k? Hugs!

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