spring in2 action challenge kick-off

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Spring In2 Action

Spring is coming and the Sisterhood is kicking it off with a new challenge - Spring In2 Action! It's a buddy challenge and I've teamed up with Kate aka @northdakotamom on Twitter. We're calling ourselves the Crazy Brownies.

As I posted yesterday
, I'm currently (or was) at my highest weight in a while of *whispers* 202.2. Cue tears. Lots of tears and internally beating myself up. Enough. Ice cream never solved anything. Can I get an AMEN? That being said:

Weight at last check-in: 202.2
Challenge Starting Weight: 202.2
Change This Week: -1.7 (200.5)
Change for Spring In2 Action Challenge: -1.7
Total Pounds Gone since 3/1/2011: -1.7

My goals for this challenge:
  • Watch the scale go down (and not just because I'm seeing the number when one of my kids is on the scale playing). Seriously give it my all and work on losing weight. How will I do this? Weight Watchers (went back yesterday) and water.
  • Ah, water. My body needs it but I have a bad habit of filling it with caffeine (i.e. coffee and Diet Coke). Daily goal (because I'm hardly drinking any) is 64 ounces. I should probably aim for more but baby steps, right?
  • Complete the 100 push-up challenge. Because I want smokin' hawt arms. It's true. I also want a strong core and this will help towards achieving that goal as well. Push-ups are done 3 times a week. I will walk the other 3 days for at least 30 minutes (or restart C25K if my back allows) and rest one day a week.
Speaking of push-ups, I decided to go with real push-ups (on my toes and not my knees). I was able to do a whopping 3 for my initial test. But I will get better and I will get stronger. You can count on it. (Pssst: Day 1 complete!)

I keep reminding myself "baby steps" because I tend to go full force into something and give up within a week or two because I've done too much. I'm truly working on changing that this time around and can't wait to see where I am at the end of this 6 week challenge!


  1. Brooke said...

    i'm doing big boy push ups too! are we crazy??

  2. Bari said...


  3. Mel said...

    I'm trying to start the C25K. Again. I don't know how many times I've started it. Plenty. :p

  4. Tami @ ThisMomsDelight.com said...

    I could only do two toe pushups. I felt crushed, but I knew it'd be a low number. Considering the knee version...

    Best wishes to you during this challenge!

  5. Anonymous said...

    A to the MEN!!

    Drink your water, girly. Kick that soda habit to the curb!

    And you go with the boy push ups! WOOT!

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