i'm still here

7:46 AM Posted by Roo

I'm here but don't seem to have too much to say. Life is busy. So busy. Everyone was sick for a few weeks straight. We're all better now.

My daughter is still giving me a fit but I finally found the one things she hates and that has worked. Time out facing the corner in the kitchen. The first round took a whopping 30 minutes because she kept laughing at me and getting up and turning around but once it clicked, it clicked. {BIG SIGH OF RELIEF}

I had the lumbar ablation (3 shots to burn the nerves) in my back and it feels nothing like the diagnostic results. Yet. I am soooo disappointed. It might take up to 4 weeks to completely get there but the doctor still thinks this will fix me for 6+ months.

I got an iPhone. I'm in love. Yes, it's possible to be in love with an electronic device.

Today is a snow day.

My daughter would not sleep last night which means I didn't sleep and now I'm tired.

The end.


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