true confessions: the i actually have good things to confess edition

3:00 AM Posted by Roo

True Confessions

I can't believe it but my confessions this week aren't bad. Normally when I weigh-in with the weekly transgressions we all tend to have it's bad. Really bad. But this week it's not. It could've been though. Here's why:

On Friday afternoon I went through the Burger King drive through (don't judge I ordered a grilled chicken salad with no dressing). It was going to be a busy night with work and I wanted quick and easy. We (the kids and I) arrive home. It had been snowing and they wanted to play outside so we hung out and played in the snow for quite a while. We were outside until dark and well past the point in time that I should've eaten something. I was FAMISHED. Not hungry. Out of control give me FOOD hungry. I know better than to let myself get that hungry but because I couldn't eat my salad and drive I skipped dinner (the kids ate on the ride home). Husband, in usual fashion, was working late and called to inquire about dinner to which I replied, "Pick up a pizza and breadsticks." Yes, I did. When he got home I had 1 breadstick and 4 - YES 4 - pieces of pizza.

(Don't ask why I didn't just eat my salad when I got in from the snow. I really don't know why I didn't. All I know is I wanted pizza. And I wanted it now.)

I didn't count the Points. I knew I should but I didn't. I ate what I wanted and didn't think much more about it. When I woke up Saturday I (regretfully) remembered my food fiasco from the night before. I (begrudgingly) counted the Points and, to my surprise, had not gone over my weekly points allowance with Weight Watchers! In essence, I was still on track for the week and hadn't sabotaged myself.

Making myself go back and write down and count what I ate was a big hurdle to jump. In the past (so many times in the past) I would've just said, "Screw it. You messed up. Why even bother trying?" I didn't do that this time. And I'm so proud of myself for that.


  1. Brooke said...

    what progress!!! i know i've gotten into food jams like that - logic doesn't matter. its a primal instinct to eat crap isn't it? :P

    excellent job this week. you're inspiring me to get my butt into gear.

  2. Kirsten said...

    WTG, Audrey! Seriously. Baby steps. You are taking them. One bad meal doesn't mean you have to have two bad meals or 3 or 4. Very proud of you!

  3. AnnG said...

    Good job for going back and finding out the "damage" and finding out it wasn't all that bad!! Whooohooo!!

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