holiday hoedown check-in ~ week 4

3:00 AM Posted by Roo

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

Challenge Starting Weight: 199.6
Change This Week: -2.0
Change for Holiday Hoedown Challenge: -4.4
Total Pounds Gone since 9-8-2010: 8.4

I am SO CLOSE to my 10 pound button that I am going to do my best to grab it next week - which means I need to lose 1.6 this coming week. I *really* want to accomplish that before Christmas. That would be awesome!

Weekly Update on Goals:
  • Track my food and do my absolute best to stay within my Points target on Weight Watchers. - YES! I even consumed all but 2 of my 49 weekly points allowance.
  • Attend my Weight Watchers meetings consistently. - Yes! Went to Tuesday morning meeting.
  • Drink. More Water. - Let's just say this is still a work in progress. I'm so addicted to Diet Coke it's not funny. I PROMISE to work on this daily. And if anyone wants to text me or @ me on Twitter reminding me to drink my water, I'll gladly accept it!
Guys, this feels so good. I'm so glad I'm finally taking care of me again!


  1. Bari said...

    You kicked butt this week! Way to go-so proud of you! MWAH!

  2. Casey@LoveWhatIs said...

    Congratulations! You're doing so well right now, and it's a TOUGH time to be watching what you eat. You deserve to be proud of yourself.

  3. Kirsten said...

    So glad you're finally in the frame of mind that is helping you reach your goals. ((hugs)) girl! You can totally get that button!

  4. Brooke said...

    great job. i have every faith that you'll get that 10# button next week. woot!!

  5. Anonymous said...

    Getting in the right mindset is half the battle! I am so proud of you for turning things around?

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