weekly check-in: down & dirty in 30

6:52 PM Posted by Roo

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Let's see, although I've reported in weekly with my team, my last check-in here was on August 4th. Whoops! Since then I have gained 1.2 pounds. This includes vacation time and a crap load of stress so I'm not too concerned. And this is life. I need to roll with the punches, figure out a plan and do it to the best of my ability.

As I mentioned in my last post I have problems with an all-or-nothing attitude. I need to work on this and am trying. Step 1 in my multi-phase stop with the all-or-nothing attitude plan is to take baby steps. My 1 and only baby step this week is to consume 80-100 ounces of water daily. I have 2 friends that are checking in with me to make sure I've done it (thanks Kristen and Beki!) Today I was successful with 83 ounces. I'm still trying to count my calories and get exercise in but it's not going to consume me. For this week, water will consume me and water only. And already, just knowing that I'm only *focusing* on this one thing makes me feel so much better.

On another note, my favorite post this week is Reality Check by April. It is a must-read for anyone on the weight-loss journey. Please. Go read it. And have a fabulous week!



  1. Tiffany said...

    Oh, my dear, I can so relate to the all or nothing attitude. I have really been challenging myself in that area as well. I have loved the idea of "making a u-turn" when I screw up... In that moment, not later, not the next day... Recognize the slip up and correct right then and there without dwelling on the issue. Go easy on yourself and give yourself grace, friend.

  2. Brooke said...

    hurrah for wonderful friends. i'm april and thea's project this week. :) reporting to them daily with what i eat (but not calorie counts). glad you've got a good support system too!

  3. imadramamama said...

    You should totally change the label to "good attitude" 'cause you got one.

    That was lame.

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