day book journal - august 7th

6:04 PM Posted by Roo

I love the idea of posting a weekly Day Book Journal entry (first seen at The Daily Mel). The idea is to post an entry each week giving your readers a brief peek into the blogger's life. I don't know if I'll do it weekly or just this once but it seemed like a fun idea.

Outside my window... it's dark and I hear the crickets singing their good night songs.

I am thinking... that I am really looking forward to getting away for a long weekend with my husband at the end of next week.

I am thankful for... healthy, happy children.

Around the house... I need to hit room # 2 (my son's bedroom) in the grand painting and making the new home ours plan.

I am wearing... a t-shirt, jean shorts and flip-flops.

I am loving... restarting the C25K this week.

I am hoping... that the kids sleep well tonight, and I get to sleep in a little tomorrow.

I am stitching... Are you kidding? This chick doesn't stitch. I can't imagine the damage I'd do if I tried.

I am drooling over... a new laptop bag. I can see it in my mind but I haven't found exactly what I want yet. I love the cute, custom made ones but it's hard to find them to fit my 17" laptop AND have room for my files, too.

I am sorely tempted by... Etsy. I cannot look because then I want to buy. Every. Time.

I am reading... The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

On my iPod... all running music. My current fave is Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eyed Peas. Yeah it's so last year but I so still love it.

On my mind... school starting in a few weeks.

On my To Do List... making a final decision regarding the Disney 1/2 Marathon in January.

From my picture journal... my daughter right before heading out to the water park last week. Gah, her cuteness is sometimes too much for me.



  1. Bari said...

    Your daughter is a cutie! I just saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at the movies with Mike. We saw the foreign lang/subtitled version. I didn't want to see it (if I want to read-I'll pick up a book) but it was really good. Now I'd like to read the books.

  2. Deb said...

    thanks for the follow on twitter.
    Good luck with the C25K. I'm now on week 6 and my first race is Saturday. Squeeeee. Nerves!
    2 things that are helping me so far... 1)good music. I downloaded the free Podrunner series that match the Couch 2 5K program 2)a positive mantra during the run. Positive mindset and positive visualization make all the difference in the world for me.

  3. Melissa said...

    Love your Day Book Journal and the pic of your daughter. Total cuteness. :)

    In response to your question about DC, I'm not sure if they'll send me back to train this person or not. When I went out back in April, I was training two new people. The one who is still there could potentially train the new person I'll be hiring soon. I'll let you know though. :)

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