i am an addict

5:42 PM Posted by Roo

I am addicted to sugar, bad carbs (think cake, biscuits, etc.) and caffeine. And I don't know how to stop it. Re-join Weight Watchers so that I am accountable for the number of Points I put in my mouth daily? That's all well and good but truthfully I can work the addiction in to my Daily Points Allowance. I've thought about counting calories as well. Then there's always clean eating and the idea that if a food has multiple ingredients don't eat it = an apple is an apple, an egg is an egg, etc. Truth is I'm not sure what to do. I know if I just pick something and stick to it the weight will come off. And regardless of what direction I take I need to break the addictions.

And there you have it, this week's...

True Confessions


  1. Karena said...

    I feel your pain. For me it's salty, bread-y things (chips, crackers). And caffeine, of course. Not to sound like I'm pitching a book/program, but I truly found that intuitive eating has really helped me tone this down.

    You asked about the book last night. The one that started all this for me was "Intuitive Eating" by Tribole and Resch. Now I'm reading "Health at Every Size" by Linda Bacon. Both are excellent. But in the interest of disclosure, neither is a "diet" book. Rather, they are about normalizing your relationship with food, and about being okay with where you are right now.

  2. Brooke said...

    if you want to count calories, the daily plate also offers percentages and carb counts. if you wanted to cut your carbs in half you could track your normal eating for a few weeks, take that average # and dive by 2.

  3. ~Mendie~ said...

    I'm a bread eater...can finish half a loaf by myself if I didn't stop. just stop and think before you take a second helping and see if its worth how you feel afterwards. Good luck!

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