thursday 3 - you know you've thought about it...

3:00 AM Posted by Roo

As you can see, I'm playing catch-up on my Shrinking Jeans posts! The original post from Thea is from a week ago Thursday but I just had to participate cause this one is fun!

So tell me, have you ever though about plastic surgery? I have! I mean, it's highly unlikely I'd ever do it but hey I've thought about it! So here are my top 3 surgical procedures I'd pick if I ever were to do something so wild and crazy.

Number 1 - Tummy Tuck/Lipo. I have always wanted a tummy tuck. Just to get rid of the kangaroo pouch. Cause while Kanga and Roo on Winnie the Pooh are oh-so-cute, my pouch is oh-so-not.

Number 2 - Boob Lift. No I don't want implants. I just don't want 'em sagging to my knees when I'm 80.

Number 3 - Lasik Eye Surgery. Did I even spell that right? I dunno. But out of these 3 this is the most likely candidate for ever happening. Granted the contact lenses I wear now I can sleep in but it would be sooo nice to not have to wear them or glasses ever again!


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