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Do you ever have one of those a-ha moments? I have them a lot. It's something so insanely obvious that I wonder how I missed it the first however many times? Here, in no particular order:
  • Walking on the treadmill today I'm walking at my fast pace. My fast pace was the "cool down" pace for the girl next to me. So mentally I start beating myself up. Why??? There's no reason to compare myself to anyone else. I am me. I am unique. And I will do this at my pace - whatever that might be. There's a slogan I love that I initially saw at One More Mile - You Don't Have To Go Fast. You Just Have to Go. I need to focus on ME and not those around me.
  • I drink too much Diet Coke. Period. I need to allow it as a treat and only after I drink water. I don't feel bloated when I drink water and I actually have more energy. Why can't I seem to remember this?
  • As Laura mentioned in her weigh-in post (and I'm totally copying her), I am a weight loss faker. It's embarrassing but it's the truth. I make plans. I set goals. And I rarely follow through. This needs to change. Big time.
Why does it take me so long to realize these simple, simple things???


  1. Brooke said...

    i still struggle with comparing myself to others. when you get that one figured out - let me know!

  2. ~Mendie~ said...

    I have that exact tee! I need to dig it out when I am feeling blue...even if I'm not exercising!

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