the monday project - outside

8:31 PM Posted by Roo

The Monday Project

This week's Monday Project was to head outside and DO SOMETHING. So on a beautiful day after picking up my 5 year old from school I took the kids to a local military park. My son had a blast. My daughter insisted on hanging out in the carrier since she's still getting over her germs but regardless it was fun. I loved running around with them, looking at some of the monuments and reading a little bit about the history of each one. We didn't stay long - but we got out, got moving and had a great time doing something we normally wouldn't do.

Picnik collage

Photos are courtesy of my cell phone. Since it was an impromptu outing please ignore the less-than-stellar quality.


  1. Bari said...

    Looks like you had a great time! That horse sculpture looks like the Stonewall Jackson monument at Manassas-is it?

  2. Brooke said...

    sounds like fun! :) sometimes inpromptu moving around like that is a better workout than something structured

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