a case of the tireds

1:09 PM Posted by Roo

Oh. My. Gawd. People. I cannot seem to get over being exhausted all the time. I have increased my water and sleep and it hasn't helped. I know it's a given that one should be tired when they move but I backed way off on the unpacking and tried to "chill" and just get to things as I could but it hasn't seemed to help. Why is that? And when will I catch up? Or at the very least feel rested up? Any tips or tricks for overcoming extreme exhaustion when going to bed earlier and increasing water doesn't help? Help. Before I collapse in a heap in the middle of the floor and my husband comes home to find me passed out.


  1. whoatemyblog said...

    I've run into similar problems. I ended up having sleep apnea and now sleep with a CPAP machine. I also have hypothyroidism. This was discovered via blood work.

    Sounds like it's time to make an appointment to see your doc and get this checked out.

    Best wishes. :-)

  2. Bari said...

    I think a call to the dr might be in order.

  3. Bacardi Mama said...

    I agree. Might be time to look for a doctor in your new town.

  4. Brooke said...

    i'll third what Bari & Nancy said!!

  5. AnnG said...

    I will ditto what these wise women have said but I will also say that moving is EXHAUSTING!! Exhaustion plus stress will do all kinds of bad stuff to our bodies!

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