the abc's of roo

7:18 PM Posted by Roo

{idea from Jen at Jen In Real Life}

Age - 34

Bed size - King

Chore you hate - Bathrooms

Dogs - None. Oldest has allergies to 'em. :(

Essential start of your day - Hugs & Kisses from my little people.

Favorite color - Purple

Gold or silver - Both

Height - 5’4″

Instruments I play (or have played) - Piano

Job title - Mommy & Virtual Assistant

Kids - 2

Live - Pennsylvania

Mom’s name - Diana

Nickname - Roo, of course!

Overnight hospital stays - Babies

Pet peeve - People that are nice to your face and mean behind your back.

Quote from a movie - I'm drawing a blank right now. Can't think of one. Except a few from Forrest Gump. Ha!

Right or left handed - Lefty

Siblings - 1 Sister

Time you wake up - I don't think I ever fully wake up.

Underwear - Optional

Vegetable you dislike - brussel sprouts

What makes you run late - my husband. For real. He takes longer to get ready then any girl I know.

X-rays you have had done - I can't even begin to remember them all.

Yummy food you make - Most everything. Chicken Taco Chili and Banana Walnut Pancakes are the 2 favorites in the house right now.

Zoo animal - Giraffes and Pandas


  1. Bari said...

    Yeah! You did this one too :) Glad to learn a bit more about Roo!

  2. jen said...

    brussels are yummy!! I will make you some and you will love them - of course I use bacon!!

  3. Anonymous said...

    I love the fact that you never feel fully awake. I'm the exact same way.

  4. AnnG said...

    It was fun getting to know you better!
    I decided to play along, too!

  5. Bacardi Mama said...

    Loved learning more about you. I did the same A B C's.

  6. College Essays said...

    Interesting, I’ve never given much thought to the welcome email. Thanks for the insight.

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