the power of one: check-in #2

2:09 PM Posted by Roo

Power of One Challenge

Challenge Starting Weight: 198.1
Change This Week: +1.5
Change for The Power of One Challenge: +0.7
Total Pounds Gone since 9-8-2010: -4.8

Up 1.5. You know, I REALLY don't like writing these posts when I have to report a gain. It sucks. Lots. But it's MY FAULT. Grrrr. I've given myself a pep talk and I promise not to be bitter because really there's no reason to be bitter when you know you've had one too many pieces of cheesecake.


  1. The Doll said...

    It’s okay to be up a little this week. You had an amazing weekend with friends and you enjoyed yourself. That is all that matters.

    I know you will get back into the game next week.

  2. Brooke said...

    you could have shared some of those cheesecake cals with a friend ;)

  3. Tami @ said...

    Yum, cheesecake! Next time you're tempted to eat cheesecake, give it to me instead! LOL

  4. Bari said...

    But the cheesecake was eaten for a very good cause, so that makes it ok!

  5. Trish said...

    Oh I love cheesecake....Next week will be better! Uhmm can you send me some cheesecake? Teehee!

  6. Anonymous said...

    It least it helps when you can kind of see it coming, though, right?

    O.K. Time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get your head back in the game.


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