interested or committed?

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Mel wrote an article that got me thinking. Am I just interested in my goals or actually committed to them? Does my motivation waiver when faced with challenges or do I stay strong? I won't recap everything she wrote because she wrote it better than I could (and hello - I won't steal content!) but I'll wait while you go read it, k?

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Did you read it? Okay, good.

You see, I was gung-ho do everything by the book, don't you DARE think you can tempt me with that piece of cheesecake when I lost almost 60 pounds in 2003. I was within 10 pounds of goal weight and I got pregnant. I took that as my license to eat for two and even though I've lost weight and gained and lost and gained (and you get the picture) since that time I've never really, truly re-committed.

Ummm yeah, I WANT to lose weight. I WANT to be healthier. But I have still WANTED to drink Diet Coke all day or WANTED to have dessert on a regular basis instead of an occasional splurge. I have not disciplined myself the way I did 8 years ago (ohmygosh I feel old).

The real question here is what do I want more? Dessert and Diet Coke? Or to not feel so run down and out of control and, frankly, depressed?

What I want more is the determination of that girl from 8 years ago. The girl who said "Screw you! Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." Because you know what? She was soooo right.

Roo & Bev
Left to right: Me and my friend Bev, Fall 2005. A little over one year post baby. I wasn't back to my pre-baby weight but I was in a good place mentally and physically. I want that back.


  1. Bacardi Mama said...

    I think I was interested before, but now I feel like I am commited. And if I am going to meet you in person in three months, I am so commited. By the way, I can't wait.

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