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Last month's project at the Sisterhood was to make the holiday season better for others. Truly one of my favorite things about the Christmas season is the giving. Don't get me wrong, I triple puffy heart receiving presents but I love, love, love giving. Even if I never see the recipient's face, knowing that I was able to give something to help them or make them smile makes my own heart smile and I love that feeling. I hope I can remember everything to highlight but I didn't write it down so I'm totally going by memory here and anyone that knows me well knows I suffer from "mommy brain". That being said...

In an effort to teach my children that they are really blessed we went shopping and each one picked a toy for another child his/her age. We then donated the toys to a Toys for Tots drive at my six year old's school.

Running through Burger King for a large diet coke one morning (I know, it's a bad habit), the person in front of me paid for my drink. I, in turn, paid for the person behind me. The cashier said this had been going on all morning long and hadn't stopped. Each person continued to pay for the person behind them.

Each time we passed a bell ringer for the Salvation Army my three year old asked for money. And of course I gave it to her. She did that more times than I can count.

My Christmas gift to Melissa's son Bridger was a donation to his fundraiser for clean water. And did you know he actually exceeded his goal of $5,000??? What an amazing little boy.

I feel like there's something I'm forgetting and I very well might be. The point is that blessing others ends up blessing you. I don't know about you, but I plan to continue paying it forward in 2011.


  1. Brooke said...

    what a great job you did of showing your kids the true spirit of Christmas!

    also - the person who bought your drink go off easy :P hopefully the person behind you didn't have 3 burger and fry combos ;)

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