holiday hoe-down ~ the finale

10:15 AM Posted by Roo

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

Challenge Starting Weight: 199.6
Change This Week: +0.6
Change for Holiday Hoedown Challenge: -3.8
Total Pounds Gone since 9-8-2010: 7.8

Err, ummm, I didn't get my 10# button. But I know why (see yesterday's confession and I'm late for the monthly thing - do not go there, friends). I am not stressing. I'm on track. And I'm looking forward to a loss next week.

Weekly Update on Goals:
  • Track my food and do my absolute best to stay within my Points target on Weight Watchers. - YES! Until Sunday. Sunday and Monday I did not count and ate crap.
  • Attend my Weight Watchers meetings consistently. - I did not go this week (weighed in at home).
  • Drink. More Water. - I have no idea why I'm having issues with this. Definitely not drinking enough. I did chug 32 ounces yesterday and that's the most I've had in any one day all week. Bad Roo!
Okay, I gotta make this quick. Off to pick up the boy from his last day of school until 2011 and my reminder is going off on my phone now. Later!


  1. Brooke said...

    you know what you've gotta do :) as GI Joe says that's half the battle.

    now go drink some water!!!

  2. Bari said...

    You will get that 10# button, no doubt about it. I think losing nearly 4 pounds during a time when most people gain is awesome - so ^5 to you!

  3. Anonymous said...

    I feel your 10# button coming!! =) Good job on finishing the challenge!

  4. AnnG said...

    You lost weight during the past few weeks and that is great! Keep up the good work!!

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