the post i don't want to write...

3:00 AM Posted by Roo

I considered not posting. But not posting does nothing for the whole accountability thing I've gotten going on with my weight loss journey. I'm up 2.1. Ugh. I know why. It's the stress resulting from the anxiety and nightmares I've been having. (When I stress I don't typically make good choices. I know this and I'm working on doing better. I really am.)

The good news is that the nightmares stopped a few nights ago (within a day or so of writing this post). Strange, huh? My mood has greatly improved and I am starting to feel better. Yay!

I need to be more productive and focused in general (not just with the healthy living journey) so now I'm working on a plan/schedule to keep me focused on what I need to be doing daily. I've been winging it for longer than I care to admit and I know that a schedule or plan will keep me grounded and focused. And my Holiday Hoe-Down Team (8 Sisters Shrinking!) is counting on me to do just that.


  1. Bari said...

    I'm glad you are feeling better and the nightmares have stopped. That little bump up will be gone in no time.

  2. Brooke said...

    so glad the nightmares are gone. its so exhausting to have to try and wake yourself up in the night to get them to stop.

    random ish: sometimes i dream i'm paralized and can't move at all. then i "wakeup" only i'm still paralized. and not really awake. this happens several times until i can open my mouth enough (paralized remember) to scream. eventually i scream loud enough to scream IRL and wake myself up. not my favorite dream in the world.

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