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7:41 PM Posted by Roo

I decided to link up to this week's Let's Talk About You Tuesdays because it's about Christmas and I big puffy heart Christmas. So much.

1. When do you start listening to Christmas music? November. But my dad called me last week because Christmas music was already streaming on AOL Radio and he was listening to it!

2. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Not yet.

3. Do you make a list or just buy when you feel inspired? Depends on the person. I always shop when inspired for my mom and best friend. Others in my life require a list. I prefer to be spontaneous when I shop for presents.

4. Do you spread out your shopping or get it done in a weekend? Spread it out. Roo loves to shop!

5. Do you venture out on Black Friday? Are you a crazy early bird or wait for the crowds to die down? Or do you just wait on Cyber Monday? All of the above.

6. When do you put up your Christmas tree? Weekend before or after Thanksgiving. Depends on our schedule.

7. Clear or multi-colored lights? Both!


  1. Jamee said...

    Love your answers! They are all pretty much the same as me! Thanks for joining in!

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