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Tomorrow my boy starts 1st grade. 1st grade!!! I'm going to miss him so much during the day. While summer is hectic and really takes its toll on me I'll miss his constant chatter and hearing/watching him make his sister giggle.

I am entering this school year prepared with the health of my son at the forefront of my mind. The only thing that changed last year (other than moving half-way across the country) was a solid diet of school lunches and going to Kindergarten all day. He has really gained a good bit of weight in just one year and that concerns me. I did the school lunch deal because I *thought* it was healthy and would be a good option for him. I was wrong. This year I am packing his lunches so that I *know* what's he's eating. I decided that I would share with you because if you're struggling to pack your own child's lunch you might find an idea that you want to use and the more kids that eat healthier lunches the better, right?

Here is tomorrow's lunch. Turkey and cheddar sub, granola bar, strawberries and fried apples (leftover from Cracker Barrel). The bread I used to make this more of a sub and not a sandwich is Arnold Fill 'Ems Sandwich Thins (whole grains, no trans fat, no cholesterol, no high fructose corn syrup, 100 calories and, best of all, they taste good.). The container is a Ziploc divided container.


Compared to his options for school lunches - either a Meatball Sub with Cheese on Roll, Peas, Mixed Fruit, Milk or Chicken Patty on Roll with Lettuce & Mayonnaise, Peas, Mixed Fruit, Milk - I think his meal from home (checking in at around 550 calories) isn't too bad and in my opinion seems far healthier.

What do you do? Send your kids packing or let them buy at school? Any ideas you want to share with me - spill the beans, peeps!

Two sites that have inspired me in my quest to pack healthy lunches for my son are another lunch and Mommy Needs Cake. Please visit them for lots of great ideas! (Not a sponsored post.)


  1. Jess B said...

    I think your lunch looks awesome. My kids would probably eat that. I let them pick up to 5 days of hot lunch per month and I pack the rest. Keep posting what you are sending because I'd love some ideas! :)

  2. Karena said...

    I always pack a lunch -- but we're mostly vegetarian and that makes school lunches an impossibility! Although I know you're not veg, you should check out for some super ideas. You have to go back to about 2006 in her archives to find the really genius ideas -- I think she later went to homeschooling so packing a lunch wasn't a necessity anymore. But brilliant ideas there!

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