let the half-marathon training begin

1:40 PM Posted by Roo

That's right, folks, you heard it first on Twitter because I post everything that's anything there first.

I am officially registered for the Disney 1/2 Marathon on January 8, 2011. At this time, I'm doing the 1/2 and I have friends that are actually doing the full marathon the next day (because they're rock stars!) - Brooke, Christie, Kirsten and Karena. A few more peeps are still in the decision making process but suffice it to say it will be an awesome weekend in Florida!

I will admit, I struggled with the decision to start running again. And yes I can run without actually participating in an event but I did make a commitment to raise the money AND complete the 1/2. The money is raised. I need to finish what I started. Additionally, without a goal to work towards I lack the motivation to actually get my legs out there. I've heard it said by so many people that running is mental. And I'm starting to believe it.

That being said I need some input from my friends. Do I do this on my own and tackle a pre-laid-out plan like this? Do I try contacting a virtual training like Coach Joe from TNT? Or do I hit up my local gym and have a trainer there work with me? My goals are to finish in the allotted time and train without serious injury. Having my back fail on me in May was disheartening, depressing and really a very difficult time for me to get through (mentally and physically). I want to do this right so something like this doesn't happen again. Thoughts?


  1. The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans said...

    I would contact Coach Joe. I mean, you're doing this through TNT right? So wouldn't his Coaching come along with that?

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

  2. Kirsten said...

    Yahoo for committing!

  3. Jenn said...

    Way to go on your new goal. Found your blog on the FitBloggin site. Hope I can meet you in person next year.

  4. jaime said...

    I would contact the TNT coach. They're trained in coaching, and can gauge how fast/far you should be running week by week.

    Good luck with your training! I have friends who have run the Disney Half the past two years and absolutely loved it.

  5. Brooke said...

    ^5. i vote for the virtual coach. you want someone there with you to make sure you push yourself, but not enough to hurt yourself!

  6. Christie O. said...

    HOORAY!!!! i don't know, it's up to you! i did my first 1/2 with a plan i found online through hal higdon's site it was the novice plan and it worked for me! but it's whatever you're comfy with. i probably would have done it again had i not met coach joe, i probably would have done hal higdon's marathon training plan. but it's up to you!!! i'm just psyched you're going!!!!

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