i confess...

7:22 PM Posted by Roo

True Confessions

...that I had 2 pieces of cheesecake on my weekend vacation (not at the same time...I'm not THAT bad).

...that I thoroughly enjoyed having some alone time with Dave even though I missed the kids like crazy.

...that I'm kinda looking forward to school starting because while I miss my son like crazy during the day it'll be nice to get back into a routine again. We are so off in the summer.

...that the days I have been home this past week I have worked more than I have played with my kids and I feel super guilty about that.

...that when my children were done with their ice cream at DQ today I didn't eat what was left.

...that I'm a little nervous about tomorrow's weigh-in (see cheesecake confession, above).

...that the fact that the right side of my back and hip hurting has me a little concerned (it was the left side I had "fixed").

...that I hate the hours my husband works. During the week he's rarely, if ever, home except to sleep. And I miss him.

...that I haven't exercised at all this past week (unless you count all of the walking on vacation).


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