i love myself. i really do.

5:40 PM Posted by Roo

This week's mini challenge at Shrinking Jeans was to find 3 ways to love yourself each day in an effort to stop negative self-talk.

Here's my list from this week...

1. Painted my toenails
2. Took longer than usual showers & showered every day (big accomplishment, yo)
3. Shaved my legs twice
4. Got a manicure
5. Took an extra few minutes and put on makeup (I've been skipping that quite a bit the last few weeks months)
6. Wore perfume
7. Started taking my multi-vitamins again (I had started slacking and they always make me feel better)
8. Only had a few bites of the shared dessert our family had out the other night (instead of gorging myself)
9. Smiled at myself in the mirror more than once
10. Just finished my meal plan for next week so I am prepared to eat right and stay within my Weight Watchers Points range
11. Made a girlfriend date with my BFF to go see a movie this weekend
12. Reminded myself that I am strong and capable of whatever I set my mind to
13. Wore a dress and cute shoes when running errands a few days ago
14. Made time to just sit and relax a little more than usual

Do YOU love yourself? Prove it. Do something nice for you.


  1. Christy M. said...

    Great job, Audrey! I'm so proud of you! Now keep it up, okay?!

  2. *Lissa* said...

    Awesome job! Doesn't it feel GOOD?

  3. Brooke said...

    wooT!!! i guess we won't count off b/c you're missing one :P

    hurrah for girls night out.

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