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Hopeful. This is how I feel this morning. I visited the pain clinic on Monday morning and received my 1st steroid injection in my lower back. I was pretty sore around the injection site but woke up this morning to NO PAIN. After doing some things (like a load of laundry and unloading/reloading the dishwasher) I did experience some discomfort but nothing - nothing - like what I've been dealing with the last few months.

At the moment I'm on restricted activity - meaning no jumping the gun and restarting the 1/2 marathon training - but I can take the kids for walks around the neighborhood and I can start on the treadmill again starting at 5 minutes and working my way up slowly. I return to the doctor on July 20th for a re-eval and possible 2nd injection depending on how I'm doing.

So yes, I'm hopeful. Very hopeful.


  1. Brooke said...

    that's awesome!! :) how many are you suppose to get?

  2. Kirsten said...

    Yay, Audrey! This is awesome news! I"m so, so, so happy that this seems to be the answer. I think taking it slow is a great idea just because you've had so much pain for *months*. Here's hoping that you just continue to feel better and better.

  3. ~Mendie~ said...

    You are on your way my friend....to better days!

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