thursday 3 - summer

11:57 AM Posted by Roo

What I'm looking forward to this summer (it's tough to limit it to just 3 things, but...)

(1) Not having to rush out the door every morning to make the school drop-off run.
(2) Play dates with my kids and my sister's kids.
(3) Going to the beach. At least once. Even if it's for the day. I love, love, love the ocean and would love nothing more than to immerse my toes in the sand, close my eyes, relax, feel the sun on my face, listen to the waves and smell the saltwater. Yes, I used the word love a lot. But really, the beach? My favorite place to be.


  1. Brooke said...

    i'm in love with the ocean. jay and i are hoping to hit it early september.

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