to join a gym or not...

6:00 AM Posted by Roo

So I've been struggling with the decision of whether or not to join a gym. The biggest issue is time. As my training progresses so does the amount of time I'm working out. What used to be easy to accomplish during nap time isn't as easy. Getting up before my kids is NOT an option so please don't suggest that. I'm not a morning person and I love my sleep as much as I love my caffeine. And that's a lot. I started working out once the kids were in bed but that gave me an insane amount of energy and I couldn't sleep. When I did finally go to sleep I only got a few hours before the children were raring to go and I couldn't function (don't forget: Must. Have. Sleep.).

So I came up with this brilliant idea - join a gym and change my routine to this: wake up, breakfast, kids ready, take 5 year old to school, 2 year old and I to gym, her in child care - me work out and then shower, run any necessary errands, back home until time to pick up 5 year old from school.

If I don't join a gym I will have to continue to squeeze workouts into nap time or post bed time (which is also the time I "work"). So I feel like my only option IS to join a gym. So why am I typing this and asking if I should join a gym or not? I just totally answered my own question.


  1. Kirsten said...

    Okay, roomie, even if you do snore, you are now in my good graces. Not a morning person and needs coffee in the morning. I'm there, hooker. I think you have a great plan. Make sure you stick to it and you'll be great. Don't let yourself trick you from going.

  2. Misty said...

    What gym are you joining? If we lived just a little closer we could go together. I need some motivation to get my butt in the gym on a more regular basis.

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