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5:35 PM Posted by Roo

So after a week + of doing nothing I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes tonight. My Virtual Team in Training Coach suggested taking it easy and trying to walk to see where I could get. I planned ahead of time to do 30 minutes so that (1) I wouldn't wimp out before then (ha!) and (2) I wouldn't overdo it if I felt ok after the 30 minutes. I'll admit I wanted to stop the entire first 10 minutes and then by the time I got to 30 minutes I thought I could go further but I didn't. Truth is I'm hurting in my lower back. It's not pain, per se, but it is very uncomfortable. I have an email in to my coach to see where I go from here and I follow-up with the chiropractor on Tuesday.

But my biggest frustration? I was actually doing 5 miles. 5 miles is huge for me. And now that I'm "injured" I'm even slower and will have to work my way back up. And, of course, now I'm behind as my awesome teammates just hit the 6 miler this weekend. And, for me, that is just super disappointing.


  1. Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

    Aw, I understand Audrey, but you are doing the right thing not pushing yourself too hard. You are an inspiration!!

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