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Success is different for each person. For me, success was stepping on the treadmill tonight after my back/hip problems and completing 3 miles. Yes, the little voice in my head kept telling me, "...but if you hadn't hurt yourself you would be doing 6 or more miles by now." But the thing is I DID hurt myself and I can't change that. All I can do is move forward.

Success is coming back to weigh-in on the weeks I know I didn't do what I should've done to be healthier and more active. I could easily whoops! forget my weigh-in but I won't. It pops up as a reminder on my computer every Wednesday morning. It's literally impossible to forget.

I'm reading Jeff Galloway's Book on Running (copy courtesy of a giveaway I won over at Shrinking Jeans). Something in this book really struck me..."...'success' is in the eye of the performer. There can be success in every can string together a series of internal victories that form a pattern of progress." This is exactly what I'm doing. Continuing to push myself to be more active, continuing to weigh-in each week, continuing to make healthy choices (not just for me but as an example to my children) - these are ALL successes. It's all a matter of perspective.

How do YOU define success?


  1. imadramamama said...

    I do believe that counts as a deposit in your bank, you think?

  2. Brooke said...

    i definitely need to redefine success in my eyes. and definitely getting back at it after an injury counts as a huge win!

  3. ~Mendie~ said...

    Congrats on your 3 miles...that IS A HUGE SUCCESS!

    I think that success is doing something with less hesitation then you once would have!

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